izi is a wearable payment device that you can wear how you prefer. With izi, you use a cashless and safe payment method, and with a simple gesture.

Making sure that the wearable device meets your style requirements, the range of matching accessories is continually being expanded by young local designers.

izi does not need a battery. It’s completely waterproof. It connects directly to your customer account – and it looks fashionable.

How it works


Combine your wearable payment device izi with your own accessory
or choose from a range of specially created designs.

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Hi, I’m Finn. If you have a question about izi, I am here to help!



Viseca Card Services SA, a member of the Aduno Group, is a credit card company, and as such is studying how payments will be made in the future.
As the result of an innovation workshop, a wearable payment device was developed, which works like a payment card but can be worn individually on the body.

With a market test, the prototypes will be tested with customers in the market. The aim is to examine whether the developed concept meets the customers’ needs.
Whether the product will be launched depends, among other things, on the results of the market study. At this point, we cannot provide information on whether or where to purchase the product. If you are interested in the product, you can register here for the newsletter and be the first to know what the next steps are.

Product development

In the market for payment services, there are many new ways to execute payments thanks to digitalization. The innovation process of Viseca Card Services SA is investigating which products create a new benefit in customers’ digitized everyday life. In the course of the wearable payment device project izi, for example, we discovered through surveys and street and department store interviews that not all customers would like to pay by mobile phone. That’s why we found it worth investigating a variant that takes this observation into account and is positioned somewhere between cash and hidden services. Thus, for example, situations can be addressed that diverge from typical buying behavior. For example, when visiting the outdoor swimming pool, when skiing, or running, or on an offline day.
We are convinced that exceptional ideas only develop when you talk about them, make them tangible and test them in real life conditions. If you have an idea how the wearable payment device izi could take off, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an e-mail to: hello@getizi.ch.


izi wants to further simplify something as mundane as paying, and to make it tangible in a great way.
izi is a wearable payment device that will be continuously further developed by artists, designers and techies, as well as in cooperation with established brands. The accessoires, for example, have been developed in collaboration with the designers Dominic Sturm and Susann Bühlmann. The entire product development is being accompanied by the prototyping agency HEYNEW GmbH and the branding has been developed by distylerie.
In addition, izi will soon offer an open platform where further product developments can be offered in a shop. If you are interested in this project, please send an e-mail to: hello@getizi.ch.