izi testing – Q&A for testuser

What is the testing about?
Viseca Card Services SA, a member of the Aduno Group, is a credit card company, and as such is studying how payments will be made in the future. As the result of an innovation workshop, a wearable payment device was developed, which works like a payment card but can be worn individually on the body.

Why is a prototype being tested in the market?
With a market test, the prototypes will be tested with customers in the market. The aim is to examine whether the developed concept meets the customers’ needs.

When will the product be introduced to the market?
Whether the product will be launched depends, among other things, on the results of the market study. At this point, we cannot provide information on whether or where to purchase the product. If you are interested in the product, please register for the newsletter and be the first to know what the next steps are.

Who is the product for?
The product is for everybody who wants to pay effortlessly and quickly, setting no limits on what the payment device should look like and where it needs to be to placed. With the wearable payment device izi, the customer can put the product where it is most convenient. For example, discreetly under the watch, integrated into a bracelet, or joined to the access badge for work. In addition, the customer may choose from an accessory range created by young local designers who collaborate with us to design and develop wearable payment devices.

Why is Viseca Card Services developing a wearable payment device?
In the market for payment services, there are many new ways to execute payments thanks to digitalization. The innovation process of Viseca Card Services SA is investigating which products create a new benefit in customers’ digitized everyday life. In the course of the wearable payment device project izi, for example, we discovered through surveys and street and department store interviews that not all customers would like to pay by mobile phone. That’s why we found it worth investigating a variant that takes this observation into account and is positioned somewhere between cash and hidden services. Thus, for example, situations can be addressed that diverge from typical buying behavior. For example, when visiting the outdoor swimming pool, when skiing, or running, or on an offline day.

How was the product developed?
The product was developed by the innovation management of Viseca Card Services SA in cooperation with various innovation partners by applying a design thinking approach. The work was carried out with a customer focus and prototyping procedures made it possible to actually experience the respective ideas. Again and again, the ideas were refined with different people leading up to the test product, which now goes through a reality check on the real market.

What is the aim of the testing?
The aim of the testing is to find out whether customers are experiencing a benefit from their wearable payment device izi, and whether customers will accept the changed shape of the payment card.

Who are the test users?
The testing takes place in cooperation with the Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB). Of the 130 test subjects, 60 participants will be put forward by GLKB. The remaining participants are employees and customers of Viseca Card Services SA.

What is my contribution as a test user during the testing?
We will be delighted if you use your wearable payment device izi enthusiastically, and find out where it is most useful in your everyday life – and share this information with us. We would like to ask you a couple of quick questions about your testing experience, and are looking forward to your replies and your suggestions for improvement. As this is a test phase, not everything may work seamlessly. We would like to thank you for your understanding.

What do I get from the testing?
You have the exclusive opportunity to try out a new payment method and play a part in developing it! In addition, you can gain unique insights into the payment experience of the future. At the end, you will receive a gift.

Where can I use the wearable payment device izi?
Wherever you can pay with contactless payment methods. As a rule, the contactless terminals are marked with the following symbol:


Around 83,000 contactless terminals are available throughout Switzerland. Keep in mind to always hold the wearable payment device izi as close to the terminal as possible so that the payment can take place. A beep will sound to acknowledge that it has worked.

What do I do if I want to pay more than CHF 40 with the wearable payment device izi?
For amounts above CHF 40, you must enter your PIN at the cash desk. The PIN will be sent to you separately by post. The PIN code is a 4- to 6-digit identification number, which is required when paying at terminals instead of the signature. The code is only known to you and must be treated confidentially.

Can I change my PIN code?
In the test phase, the PIN code for the wearable payment device izi cannot be changed.

I forgot my PIN code, lost it, or entered it incorrectly three times.
You can contact Viseca’s Customer Care Center and request a new PIN code. The Customer Care Center can be reached at +41 (0) 58 958 84 00

Does my wearable payment device izi have a card number?
On each wearable payment device izi, a 6-digit number is marked. These are the last six digits of the card number. The full card number can be found on your bill. When you contact Customer Care, you will be asked for your first name and surname, as well as your date of birth. Afterwards, you can also provide the 6-digit number.

What is the limit on the wearable payment device izi?
During the test period, the wearable payment device izi is subject to a limit of CHF 400 per month and a maximum of CHF 4,800 can be debited per year.

How will the payments be settled with the wearable payment device izi?
For the payments with the wearable payment device izi, you will receive a bill. It goes without saying that for the test group the annual fee, and the postage fee for sending the bill is dropped. Should you have received automatic e-mails in the run-up to the test, announcing the mailing of a bill and an associated charge of CHF 2, this does not apply to you as member of the test group.

What do I do if I lose my wearable payment device izi?
In the event of loss of the wearable payment device izi, the product must be immediately blocked by Viseca Card Services SA’s customer service: +41 (0) 58 958 83 83 (24h service). During the test phase, we cannot provide you with a replacement for the wearable payment device izi. The customer account created for the test will subsequently be terminated.

What do I do if my wearable payment device is broken?
Defective test products cannot be replaced. However, we would like to analyze the exact nature of the defect. For this purpose, we ask you to kindly return the wearable payment device to the following address:

Viseca Card Services SA
Innovation Management / MP_N
Hagenholzstrasse 56
8050 Zürich.

Thank you so much!

What should I do if I have a question about testing?
On the website www.getizi.ch you will find all the information about the test product and the testing. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the izi team by e-mail: hello@getizi.ch

What should I do if I have a question about the products or services of Viseca Card Services SA?
Information on the products and services of Viseca Card Services SA can be accessed here: www.viseca.ch. If you need help with a product or service, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service: +41 (0) 58 958 84 00

What is VisecaOne and how do I use the service in the testing?
Both VisecaOne and MyAccount are online services that allow you to view your transactions. Since MyAccount will soon be replaced by VisecaOne, we recommend that you register for VisecaOne.

If you already use VisecaOne, you can simply add the test product, and keep an eye on your expenses at all times. If you have not used VisecaOne so far and would like to register, please visit www.visecaone.ch on how to register. If your VisecaOne activation code has expired by the time of registration, you can simply request a new code, also on this page.

Please note you can only register once you have received the wearable payment device izi and the associated card number. If you have any general questions about VisecaOne or MyAccount, please call our customer service at +41 (0) 58 958 84 00.

Can I monitor my payments?
With the service VisecaOne you can check your payments at any time. See also: What is Viseca One and how do I use this service in testing? You can also find all necessary information here: www.visecaone.ch

What happens after the testing? Do I get to keep my wearable payment device izi?
After the test you may gladly keep the wearable payment device izi if you wish and continue to use it. Please note that its duration is limited to 18 months and can be terminated by Viseca Card Services SA at any time.

What is a wearable device?
Wearables are portable devices that can be attached, for example, around the wrist. Chips or sensors can be integrated into the wearables, which, in the case of wearable fitness devices, may count your steps – or, in the case of wearable payment devices, will trigger payments. With the wearable payment device izi, you can pay in the shops cashless with one effortless movement. You will be offered accessoires by young local designers so that the wearable payment device izi will fit your style. Please, have a look here:

What is NFC?
NFC (near field communication) is a radio standard for wireless data transmission. For the data transmission to function, both devices (the terminal and the wearable payment device) must be kept at a distance of a few centimeters during the whole payment process. Wherever you see this sign, you can use cashless payment.

I am a member of the press and have questions about the project:
Aduno Group’s media department is happy to provide more information. Please contact Nadine Geissbühler, Hagenholzstrasse 56, 8050 Zurich
+41 (0) 58 958 60 47, +41 (0) 79 617 99 01, media@aduno-gruppe.ch, www.aduno-gruppe.ch