Flexible Perlon Strap

CHF 19.90

Waterproof nylon strap to attach the device flexibly to different items such as the purse, the key collar or backpack.

About the Designer

Dominic Sturm


Dominic Sturm was born in Bern (* 1973). Before branching out into design, he has lived in New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Philippines and worked as a machine mechanic, diving instructor, and journalist. He is the father of two children. Since 2002, Dominic has been working as a product designer in Switzerland, most recently as senior designer at 2ND WEST Design for Public.

In 2009, he completed a postgraduate degree at the University of Art and Design (FHNW) in Basel. His master thesis “Power and Mightiness in Product Design” earned him the title of Master of Advanced Studies Design | Art + Innovation.

Dominic has been a board member of the Swiss Design Association SDA since 2012.